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Easy DIY: Build This Simple, Modern Eastern White Pine Playhouse

modern pine playhouse 1

Looking for an easy weekend project that’ll make your house more fun for kids? This playhouse can be made entirely from Eastern White Pine, and it’s simple enough that even novice builders can take it on. Offered up by Janice Andersson of Easy DIY, the Modern Playhouse uses affordable 16mm pine plywood to create a sloped-roof structure with eye-catching circular windows.

modern pine playhouse 2

Measuring just about four by four feet, it’s small enough to keep in the house, but the board materials can be treated with a suitable exterior sealer or varnish if you want to put it in the yard as an outdoor playhouse. In addition to plywood and a few pine blocks, all you’ll need to build the playhouse is some steel decking screws, cut screws, a drill, drill bits and a jig saw with a clean-cut blade.

Keep it raw for a look that’ll blend right in with even the most modern of interiors, or paint it to make your decor scheme. Get the whole tutorial at Easy DIY.


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