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Eco Timber Frames: Beautiful Eastern White Pine Cabins

Eastern White Pine Timber Frame 1

Eastern White Pine is a popular choice for timber frame construction thanks to its strength, light weight, ease of use and affordability. But it also results in some incredibly beautiful structures showing off the incomparable craftsmanship of old world woodworking techniques. A company called Eco Timber Frames, based in Saluda, North Carolina, shows off a portfolio of prime examples on its website.

Eastern White Pine Timber Frame 22

Eco Timber Frames creates artistic timber frame homes using post and beam construction, crafting the frame from solid timbers connected by mortise and tenon joints and secured with oak pegs. The company chooses Eastern White Pine selected from slower growing New England Forests because it’s “easy to work, structurally stable and has remarkable aesthetic character.”

Eastern White Pine TImber Frame 3

That character shines through in the remarkable homes that the company has designed. Customers can choose the floor plans and frame style they prefer, and add their own custom details as desired. Notable features include front porches that extend the characteristic timber frame of the home past its walls so it becomes a major highlight of the exterior, as well.


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