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Finishing Touches: 7 Inspiring Eastern White Pine Ceiling Ideas

yountville ceiling 2

Eastern White Pine proves to be as versatile as your imagination when used as a primary ceiling material, whether you apply an experimental mix of stains, arrange it in unexpected geometric patterns, contrast it with drywall or hang it in an unconventional way. These seven pine ceiling ideas range from the simple and rustic to the modern and complex.

Cloud Effect Ceiling

cloud ceiling

This unique ceiling finish by Historic Flooring, called Cloud9, is a result of blending gray, cream and white paints in rough, rustic layers to mimic the sky on a cloudy day.

Custom Eastern White Pine Frame

custom eastern white pine frame

From Woodhouse Timber Frame Homes comes this gorgeous 3600 square foot timber frame home built in New York, showing a great example of how pine framing contrasts against finished wall and ceiling materials.

Geometric Pine Paneling

yountville ceiling 1

For the Yountville Community Center in California, Siegel & Strain Architects created paneled triangles that stretch up toward a central skylight, filling the interior with natural daylight and creating a visually interesting effect.

Crossed Hammer Beam Trusses

crossed hammer beam

Crossed hammer beam trusses made of Eastern White Pine produce a cathedral-like effect.

Basket Weave Ceiling

Learn about an unusual ‘basket weave’ ceiling featuring Eastern White Pine with Todd Fratzel of Front Steps Media in this exclusive NELMA video.

Slatted Ceiling Embedded with Lights

slatted ceiling

An eco-friendly, affordable cabin in rural New Hampshire made of locally sourced Eastern White Pine gets a fun ‘experimental’ touch in the kitchen, with a system of wooden slats attached to the beams, crossing over the ceiling lights like a screen for a built-in effect.

Modern Minimalist Pine in an Austrian Cottage

EFH Tinner Weinfelden, k_m architektur Bregenz, Fertigstellung 2012

Made primarily of white pine, House Weinfelden by K_m Architektur overlooks the mountains of Austria from its perch on a cliff. The construction of the ceilings is simple and elegant, lending the home a clean and polished look.


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