Forest and Wood Product Sustainability Information

In today’s world, consumer products of every kind are being rightfully scrutinized for their sustainable attributes and lineage in order to assure that usage will lessen or negate the environment impact if purchased.  The overused and passé word “Green” has quickly become meaningless in any form or fashion, which requires the potential end-user to look for fact-based information.

NELMA isLog Yard and Mountains Background pleased to offer a variety of reports and studies to assist individuals or groups with their search for informaton on the sustainable use of wood products, the condition of the forests, and other related topics, both regionally in the northeast and U.S. in general:

  • Maine’s Forest Economy Report. November 2013. Data sources by Dr. Todd Gabe, University of Maine School of Economics, and Dr. Robert Wagner, Distinguished Professor of Forestry and director, Center for  Research on Sustainable Forest and Cooperative Forestry Research Unit.  Publication produced by the Maine Forest Products Council.