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Gorgeous Pine Wood Panels in a Geometric Modern Interior

Pine Wood Interior 1

Naturally finished tongue-and-groove pine wood plays against modern shapes and bright white paint in this refreshing interior design by i29 Architects. Most people associate pine paneling with more rustic applications, like cabins, but the beauty of the wood is perfectly offset by strong angles and bold colors in more contemporary settings.

Pine Wood Interior 2

In this case, the designers created a space that features solid wood planks on an accent wall which is glimpsed through the architectural cut-outs in a white central volume that acts as both a room divider and a large built-in cabinet for hidden storage.

Pine Wood Interior 3

The geometric shapes offer a peek inside these cabinets – just enough to see the spines of books and edges of plates, adding some visual interest while keeping clutter at bay.

Pine Wood Interior 4

The pine accent wall continues from the ground floor up to the second level, providing a sense of continuity. The warmth of the wood brings a little character and a sense of comfort into what could otherwise be an overly cold-feeling space.