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Hand-Hewn Eastern White Pine ‘Jupiter Barn’ by Vermont Timber Works

Vermont Timber Works Jupiter Barn Main

With a frame cut from native Eastern White Pine and hewn by hand with an adze and slick, the Jupiter Barn house in Hunter, New York by Vermont Timber Works is a beautiful example of handcrafted traditional architecture made of a sustainable material. This home features a gambrel-style frame, traditional wood joinery, a wrap-around porch on the lower level and a balcony.

Vermont Timber Works Jupiter Barn 2

Vermont Timber Works Jupiter Barn 3

The post and beam frame not only provides the basic structure for this standout home, it’s also a main architectural feature of the interior. The rustic, rough finish of the wood provides striking visual flair, especially in contrast to the smoother finishes of drywall and contemporary-style wood flooring.

Vermont Timber Works Jupiter Barn 4

Vrmont Timber Works Jupitr Barn 5

Vermont Timber Works chose Eastern White Pine not only because it’s a material that grows locally, and is therefore economical and environmentally friendly to procure, but also because of its stability. White Pine is a popular choice for residential timber frames, because it’s less expensive than alternatives like Douglas Fir.

Vermont Timber Works Jupiter Barn 7

Jupiter Barn is just one of many striking hand-crafted structures with traditional framing styles produced by Vermont Timber Works. The company, based in North Springfield, provides lots of details about the whole building process (accompanied by plenty of photos) on their website,


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