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Home Building Materials: Why Choose Wood?

EWP Why Wood for Building

Wood is among the most ancient of building materials, used to create a stunning array of human dwellings all around the world in places where plentiful trees have long made it a natural choice. But with so many other materials now available to the modern home builder, why choose wood? There are a range of excellent reasons to consider building with wood rather than environmentally questionable composites, plastic-based materials, and steel.

Warm, cozy and full of character

Imagine walking into your new home and taking a deep breath. In a structure that’s made mostly of wood, you’ll inhale a comforting natural fragrance with no worries about what you’re taking into your lungs. Do the same in a house that’s filled with PVC, linoleum flooring and other synthetic materials, and you’re likely dosing yourself with potentially carcinogenic substances.

Each knot and tiny imperfection in a length of wood tells a story about the tree from which it came. It brings to mind peaceful forests where tall trees full of birds, squirrels and other wildlife sway gently in the wind. These qualities tie a living space to the natural world, giving it a sense of tranquility that can’t be matched by other materials.

Natural, renewable and sustainable

When you purchase sustainably grown wood, such as Eastern White Pine, you’re fueling demand for large tracts of forest where trees are allowed to grow strong and tall as an integral part of local ecosystems before they’re harvested. The value of Eastern White Pine as a green building material is a strong incentive for land owners to preserve woodland habitats and log their trees according to strict standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council and other third-party organizations.

Learn more about the sustainability of Eastern White Pine versus plantation-grown pines.

Image via: Trophy Amish Cabins


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