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Hyper-Realistic Sculptures Carved from Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine Realistic Sculptures 1

At first, you might look at Randall Rosenthal’s artwork and think – what’s so special about this? It’s just a stack of newspapers, or a box with some cash on it. But reach out to touch it and you’d be in for quite a surprise – because it’s all made of wood. Eastern White Pine, to be specific, a smooth and highly malleable wood that’s perfect for achieving incredible detail like this.

Eastern White Pine Realistic Sculptures 3

Eastern White Pine Realistic Sculptures 6

Each sculpture is carved from a single solid block of pine and painted with acrylics. Even the paper, rubber bands and skillfully crafted corrugated edges on cardboard boxes are carved from the wood.

Eastern White Pine Realistic Sculptures 2

Eastern White Pine Realistic Sculptures 4

What makes these creations even more amazing is that Rosenthal isn’t looking at some kind of source material while he’s creating each one. He sculpts them as he goes, achieving incredible realism with nothing but his imagination.

See more of Rosenthal’s work at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery.


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