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Incredibly Intricate Carvings Elevate Plywood as a Fine Art Material

schama 5

Most of us don’t associate plywood with fine art, but an Oakland-based sculptor named Gabriel Schama is changing that with layered laser-cut creations of stunning intricacy. Some of his designs are architectural, others more organic, some even incorporating type.

schama plywood 2

schama plywood 3

The artist works with 1/8” pieces of plywood, stacking them on top of each other to create dimension and depth.

schama plywood

schama 5

Schama starts with vector illustrations, sending each layer to his laser cutter (which he has nicknamed ‘Elsie’) and then hand-gluing and finishing each piece. On his Instagram, Schama details his creative process, showing how he draws each vector layer on a Cintiq tablet pad. He currently has several works up for sale on his website.