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Intricate Timber: Amazing Patterned Wood Facade on a Modern Residence

patterned wood facade 1

Architects certainly aren’t running out of fresh ideas for integrating wood into modern structures. Take, for example, this incredible residence by Alexander Diem, located in the Austrian countryside. An intricate patterned timber facade envelops the exterior of the home, providing shade and privacy to the occupants and giving it a stunning, standout appearance.

patterned wood facade 2 patterned wood facade 3

Reminiscent of the traditional patterned wood cut-out walls seen all over Asia and the Middle East, this timber screen gets a European flair from a motif symbolizing food and the harvest. Pairing it with simple, clean, contemporary lines gives the home a sense of balance.

patterned wood facade 4

timber facade 5

The screens can be opened or closed on demand, and cast dynamic shadows across the surfaces inside. Open to the air and connecting to the overhanging roof, they create a partially enclosed indoor/outdoor space just outside the building’s exterior walls. Illuminated from within, the building transforms into a glowing lantern at night.


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