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Introducing NELMA’s Virtual Home Tour

NELMA has taken the Chinese proverb, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, to a whole new level when it comes to theVirtual Home Tour page marketing of northeastern softwood lumber products. With the new online Explore Eastern White Pine campaign series, viewers are invited to open a door from the launch page to visualize the wide range of interior use possibilities.

Using 360 degree, high-res photography technology (think HGTV’s Online Virtual Home Tours) and easy self-navigation in all directions, the explorer moves from room to room at their leisure.  Specific product information icons are scattered about each room that informs the viewer of the actual grade, pattern, and finish used within a particular focus area. The NELMA Virtual Tour currently offers only the Seaside Cottage doorway, with promises of additional doorway entrances to be added over time.

Downstairs Dining with Pop-Up and Info Icon-document“Thanks to the vision of NELMA’s members and Marketing Committee’s guidance, the Association has added this distinctive tool to its marketing arsenal of unique and forward-thinking ways to engage targeted customer groups in using northeastern softwood lumber products,” said Jeff Easterling (NELMA President). “The future option and ease of adding additional doorways that will showcase a variety of room types make this particular marketing tool cost-effective and almost timeless.”



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