Jack Hedstrom Retires after 45 Years

Jack Hedstrom, Vice President and head of Sales for Hedstrom Lumber Company in Grand Marais, Minnesota, retired from his position in September, ending 45 years with the company his grandfather began 99 years ago. Jack’s diverse responsibilities at Hedstrom Lumber have included production planning, dry kiln operations, sales and shipping coordination. A celebration dinner and program is being held for Jack on Friday, October 11 in Lutsen, Minnesota.

Jack served as President of the Northern Softwood Lumber Bureau (NSLB) and since 1990 has represented NSLB on NELMA’s Board of Directors. He has also represented NSLB as a member of the American Lumber Standard Committee during his lumber career.

Jeff Johanns, who previously served as vice president and plant manager at Stewarts Forest Products in Fort Ripley, MN, has replaced Jack at Hedstrom Lumber.