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Jet House by Hello Wood is a childhood fantasy come true.

Design Studio Hello Wood, located in Budapest, made a child’s dream come true with an airplane-shaped tiny house for her to play with her friends and family.

From the DesignBoom article: “This ambitious young girl was Hello Wood’s youngest client ever, which turned into an enjoyable challenge for the team to think out of the box and bring out their inner child. Merging practicality with fiction, the resulting design reinterprets airplane characteristics as architectural elements. The entire structure is elevated on a series of metal supports, detaching it from the ground and giving the sensation of floating. To enter the house, a short flight of airplane stairs leads to the main door. Moreover, its wings introduce a spacious terrace, and a circular window acts as the plane’s nose.”

About Hello Wood’s design approach:  Our studio projects are driven by innovation, social responsibility, and an unwavering passion for great design.  We work with wood and other sustainable materials to ensure our projects are eco-friendly and socially responsible. Through our work, we aim to raise awareness, encourage community buildings and bring architecture closer to the general public.

Check out Hello Wood’s website for more sustainable projects featuring wood.

project info:

name: Jet House

design & build architecture studio: Hello Wood | @hellowood

creative concept: Pados Lujzi, Tamás Fülöp
design board: András Huszár, Dávid Ráday, Krisztián Tóth
lead designers: András Huszár, Péter Pozsár
project architect: Tamás Fülöp
photography: Zsuzsa Darab | @Zsuzsa Darab
videography: Építechture | @epitechture



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