2017 Standard Grading Rules for Northeastern Lumber

NELMA is one of six lumber rules writing agencies in the U.S. and Canada accredited by the American Lumber Standard CommitteeFinal Book Cover (ALSC) to write grade rules that are certified as conforming to the American Softwood Lumber Standard PS20.

We are pleased to provide our 2017 edition of the Standard Grading Rules for Northeastern Lumber online for easy reference and general understanding of the northeastern lumber and timber grades. A hard-bound book may be purchased from NELMA or refer to the following sections from the grading rules for viewing or downloading:

Introduction and Table of Contents

Section 1:  Species, Grades, Grademarks, Tally & Sizes, Glued Products

Section 2Moisture Content and Inspection Provisions

Section 3Eastern White Pine Board Grades

Section 4Other Board Grades

Section 5:  National Grading Rules (NGR) for Framing and Decking  (Revised 11/9/2018)

Section 6Beams & Stringers, Posts and Timbers

Section 7Design Value Information

Section 8:  Design Value Tables

Section 9Measurement of Characteristics

Section 10Glossary & Abbreviations

Section 11Eastern Pattern Charts

Section 12:  General Definitions & Instructions for Grading Eastern White Pine

Section 13:  Interpretations – National Grading Rule (NGR) for Softwood Dimension Lumber (Revised 11/9/2018)

Section 14:  Index