Standard Patterns of Eastern White Pine

There are 23 Standard Patterns of Eastern White Pine recognized by NELMA. These include pattern profiles for interior decorative uses, such as paneling and wainscoting, and exterior siding applications. Click on the Pattern type below to view/print the details of each type, along with a vertical reveal of the Pattern:

 E.W.P. No. or Name    Pattern & Vertical Profile  
18 & 4View
2 & 4View
E & CBView
E & CB, & 4View
4 & 4View
Channel Rustic (1/2 Reveal)


Channel Rustic (7/8 Reveal)View
Bevel SidingView
Dolly VardenView
105 Drop SidingView
106 Drop SidingView
Dble Clapboard Shiplap   View
Dble Clapboard T & GView
1″ Center MatchView
1″ ShiplapView
Log Siding (Shiplap Reveal)View
Log Siding (Shiplap Full Round)  View
Log Siding (T & G Full Round)View
Log Siding (T & G Reveal)View

To view NELMA’s Patterns of Eastern White Pine booklet in its entirety, click here. Copies of the booklet are available for purchase from the Order NELMA Publications page.