The White Pine Monographs


Last published in the 1940s, The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs has returned! NELMA is pleased to revive this historic-rich periodical that made its debut in 1915 to the architectural and design community.

The Series Monographs provided visual documentations of classical and unique applications of White Pine, illustrated with crisp photography of the time and vivid illustrations with detailed editorial by well-respected American architects and builders. For more than 25 years, the Monographs became an industry favorite, gaining loyal readership across the country. They earned a valuable place as mainstream architectural reference literature. And for those fortunate enough, often can be found today preserved and treasured in architectural libraries, homes and vintage book stores.

The revitalization of the Monographs is a true testament to the sustainablity of Eastern White Pine and centuries-old legacy as a building product resource prized for its character and versatility. Each issue will at times take a glimpse of the specie’s past while keeping a pulse on current design trends that showcase the timeless beauty of Eastern White Pine in various design and construction applications. Featured articles will often focus on the “people” that manufacture Eastern White Pine or those that proudly design and build with the product.

We invite you to view, read, and enjoy the full series of the recently published Monographs. To receive future issues of the publication please join NELMA’s free subscription list by contacting the Association at with your request and mailing address.