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Locally-sourced wood and traditional Japanese joinery create beautiful horse stable

A new article on DesignBoom features a newly constructed horse stable in Kyoto, Japan, called 2M26, designed by Umagoya. NELMA has profiled other horse barns, but this one strikes a gorgeous presence.  I want to live in it.

The stable is made entirely of locally sourced wood and features traditional Japanese joinery techniques. The stable is designed to provide a comfortable and natural environment for horses, with ample ventilation and light. The stable also features a viewing room for visitors to observe the horses. The article highlights the use of sustainable materials and traditional craftsmanship techniques in the construction of the stable.

project info:

name: Umagoya
architecture: 2m26

design team: Mélanie Heresbach, Sébastien Renauld
location: Kyoto, Japan

photography: Yuki Okada


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