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Modern Eastern White Pine Flooring: Beauty, Charm and Versatility


Modern Eastern White Pine Flooring 1

Because of its rustic aesthetic in its natural state, Eastern White Pine is often preferred for historic, country or casual applications in residential and commercial projects. But this versatile softwood works beautifully in modern architecture as well, including luxury settings, where its soft grain and smooth finish enables it to be fully transformed to fit the designer’s vision for a space. Ebony and Co. is just one company offering Eastern White Pine flooring for high-end applications where sustainability is a top priority.

Modern Eastern White Pine Flooring 2

Pictured here with a distressed finish in ebony and white in an attic space, Eastern White Pine is a flooring option that can easily conform to any number of aesthetics depending on how you choose to finish it. It’s available in a variety of grades, from the smoothest and clearest to ‘hit or miss’ (seen here), a rougher grade produced by mimicking the milling techniques of watermills along riverways that once sawed pine logs into boards, occasionally skipping along the surface of the wood.

Modern Eastern White Pine Flooring 3

In fact, as many as 23 different wood characteristics and machining imperfections determine the grade of an Eastern White Pine board. These might include knots, knife marks, splits and raised grain. The overall look of a project has a lot to do with which grade is chosen.

Modern Eastern White Pine Flooring 4

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