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Modern Geometric Pine Cabins Stand Out Among the Trees

modern pine cabins

The goal of a cabin in the woods is often to be as unobtrusive as possible, blending into the landscape thanks to wood cladding that almost acts like camouflage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t build a natural refuge that’s visually striking as well, bringing playful geometric shapes more often associated with big cities into the woods, as long as it’s done with sensitivity.

Myan Architects demonstrates how to create a beautiful balance with a cluster of geometric pine cabins set in the central highland landscape of Vietnam’s Ta Nung Valley. The series of four connected modern cabins is designed to house up to ten people at once, accommodating workers who help to run the administration system of Ta Nung Homestay.

modern pine cabins 2 modern pine cabins 3 modern pien cabins 4

The architects used locally sourced pine for both the inside and outside of each cabin, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking. Combining this material so often seen in other structures in the region with contemporary silhouettes reduces the project’s impact on the environment and gives it a little local flavor while providing accommodations that feel fresh and up to date.

modern pine cabins 5 modern pine cabins 6 modern pine cabins 7

Designed for openness and collaboration, as well as an appreciation for the nature of the site, this working space balances centrally located an open area, which is a community terrace, with a variety of more intimate working areas. The main office space is located on the East side of the cluster, where people can meet, work, socialize while being surrounded by the magnificent view and barely-cold, moist atmosphere of the pine forest.”

“The views and abundant daylight are celebrated and democratized. Bottom-to-top large panels of glass are lined up and combined with such vernacular, rich, textured material like pine wood for the rhythmic roof, diffuse strong southern and northern sunlight while maintaining views and creating indistinguishable boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.”


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