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Modern Monographs: White Pine Adds to Island Living Ambiance

Island Living Pine 1

A beautiful two-story cottage on Peaks Island in Maine is outfitted in sustainable local Eastern White Pine for a smooth look that will take on even more character over time as it’s exposed to the weather. This issue of the White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs, released in 2010, explores how owner and builder Harvey Johnson used the wood to achieve a signature island feel with added protection against the seaside wind and moisture.

“The ‘waxy, rot resistance’ of white pine is not the sole reason for Harvey’s choice in siding and trim. The high quality of well-graded pine delivered from a local supplier assured that the material would be very stable and free from cupping and warping. Straight planks are essential for siding, especially when going for a particular ‘flat look’ achieved by shiplap.”

Island Living Pine 2

An interior design project incorporating Eastern White Pine in a Maine island retreat is also detailed, with the owners seeking a result that would be warm, comfortable and inexpensive, with high efficiency standards for energy consumption. Smooth gypsum walls are offset with Eastern White Pine accents to ‘warm up’ the interior, framing and enhancing the texture of the natural wood.

Read more about how white pine is used to enhance island living ambiance in Maine at the White Pine Monograph Library.


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