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Modern White Pine: Stacked Wood-Clad Boxes with a View

Modern White Pine House 1

Wall surfaces clad in white pine inside and out give this modern residence a clean, streamlined yet cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The Weinfelden House is positioned to the south for optimal views of the mountains in Switzerland and Austrla, designed as a series of stacked boxes that enable upper-level terraces looking out over the valley.

Modern White Pine House 2

Modern White Pine House 4

Stacking these volumes so that some areas are cantilevered makes the home seem to float over the sloping landscape, and create a series of voids and open spaces that play with light and shadow. The rectilinear shape provides opportunities for not just one but two wrap-around indoor/outdoor spaces leading to the glass-walled living areas.

Modern White PIne House 5

Modern White Pine House 3

Locally grown and processed white pine gives the home an organic appearance despite its sharp angles. Applying the pale pine siding both to the exterior and interior walls provides a sense of continuity, a fresh and simple backdrop set off perfectly with crisp black and white.




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