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New Film Explores the History of the Eastern White Pine Tree

The Eastern White Pine tree is among the most storied trees in American history, playing roles in its early founding, in colonial architecture and furniture making, and in establishing the Northeast and New England economies that are still thriving today. 

Now, a film from New England Forests delves deeper into the many layers of value this species has to offer. Check it out in full above, and head to for more info on the folks who made it happen.

Why was the eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) at one time the most valuable tree in the world? Why did the king of England establish the American colonies? What led up to the American Revolution? What is the tallest living thing in the northeastern U.S.? What did primeval white pines look like when the Pilgrims landed? What is the value of the eastern white pine to wildlife and humans? Why is walking in a pine forest good for your health? These questions and more are answered in this documentary film by New England Forests (

Some fun details to be seen in the film include the creative ways colonists came up with to transport the trees on narrow village roads, sometimes using staggered oxen carts to perform swings around corners. There are lots of cool historical photos and drawings as well as stunning shots of Eastern White Pine forests.

Check out lots more info about the Eastern White Pine tree right here in our archives!


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