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New Landscapes of Wooden Architecture: The Timberization of Cities

Timberization of Cities 1

How will cities change in the future as wood becomes a viable material for skyscrapers and other large structures? The ‘timberization’ of urban areas is among the topics covered in the May 2014 issue of A+U Magazine, entitled ‘New Landscapes of Wooden Architecture.’

Timberization of Cities 2

Nine exciting and innovative built works in wood are explored, including the stunning Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Center in New Zealand (pictured top), ‘Bear’s House in the Woods’ by Alberta Architekturbüro and Patrick Thurston (above), and the Makoko Floating Schoole by NLÉ (below.)

Timberization of Cities 3

Another notable inclusion is Finland’s highest wooden multi-story structure, ‘Wood City‘ (below.) The eight-story residential buildings in Helsinki will be the first massive-wood buildings in Europe, and built with modular technology.

Timberization of Cities 4

Many cities around the world are beginning to change their building codes to allow high-rise structures made of wood. Read more about the trend, as well as a 34-story wooden tower planned for Stockholm. A+U magazine delves into this topic and other aspects of wood technology – get the issue through ArchDaily.


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