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Nolla Cabin: This Minimalist Modern Holiday Home is Bursting with Sustainable Style

Nolla Cabin

Who needs wifi and electricity when you’ve got views like this? The Nolla cabin on the island of Vallisaari off the coast of Helsinki might be simple and small in stature, but it’s a beautiful setting for a nature-centric getaway that focuses on nature, togetherness and the power of temporary disconnection from modern life. Made primarily of pine and perched directly on the rocky shoreline, the Nolla Cabin features an elegant A-frame shape with a glass facade to take in a wide expanse of sea.

Nolla Cabin 2

Nolla Cabin 5

Designer Robin Falck wanted the experience of staying in this holiday home – which is available for rent on Airbnb, but currently fully booked – to focus on sustainable lifestyles. Visitors arrive via boat from the mainland, walk a short distance to the solar-powered cabin and begin what Falck hopes will be a zero-waste vacation. All guests are encouraged to pack lightly and bring no disposable items when possible.

Nolla Cabin 3

Nolla Cabin 4

The cabin itself highlights the beauty of the wood, with ornamental details kept at a minimum. It’s built to be easily transported and assembled without the need for heavy equipment, and no screws are used to put it together. The pieces fit together like a puzzle. The legs of the cabin are adjustable so it can sit on uneven terrain.

Inside, you’ll find minimalist pine furniture, two single beds and a special stove by Finnish company Neste that runs on renewable diesel made of 100% waste. Falck hopes that the experience of staying here will encourage guests to think about how they could cut back on waste and simplify their lives year-round.


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