Introducing, Norway Spruce

Introducing, Norway Spruce

It’s a lumber industry first!

As Norway Spruce makes its way into the lumber channels in New York state, Maine, across New England, and all the way out to Wisconsin, we’re witnessing a lumber industry first: Since the initial process for assigning design values by way of lumber testing began in the 1920s, Norway Spruce is the first U.S.-grown, fully tested softwood species to be tested for strength values.  This momentous occasion follows a very exciting year at NELMA, as we’ve shepherded the species through the testing and approval processes.

And now, it’s all yours.

Norway Spruce has been approved for use in home construction areas such as wall studs, floor and ceiling joists, and industrial applications. While you won’t be able to tell Norway Spruce apart from traditional spruce once it is cut, rest assured you’re choosing the most renewable, strong, and durable building product on the market.

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