TESLA Showroom - Miami

14-second-2The concept of this project was inspired by the innovative and sustainable design philosophies of Tesla. Unlike other Tesla showrooms, this design blurs the distinction between inside & outside, public & private, and educational & commercial. At the center of this project, is the showroom for Tesla Motors. The facility will contain: an Indoor/Outdoor Cafe (1500 sf), a Gallery (1500 sf), , Supercharging Stations and an Outdoor Event Space, a Design Studio, a Classroom and a Film Room. Additionally, Executive & Administrative Regional Offices will also be included.

The versatility of Eastern White Pine made it possible to express the material any many ways, shapes & forms. The most important spaces project out of the main building volume, the exterior surfaces of these spaces are individual boards, the space reads as one large solid volume.

Aesthetically, the Eastern White Pine is best showcased in the unique design feature, called the “Waving Wall.” Conceptually, its form is inspired by the beautiful undulation of Atlantic waves as they meet the shores of Miami. This wall adds a hierarchical element in the project. It serves as a backdrop in any appropriate commercial environment, and as an eye-catching feature on the

exterior of the building, to activate an entrance or outdoor event space. The wall form is created by a simple generative algorithm using innovative 3D parametric design programs, such as Grasshopper and Rhinoceros. The construction is straight forward and quite simple. The edge of each individual elements curve can be exported onto a file. After the wood has been laminated, each piece one-by-one cut by cut out with the modern technology and perfect precision of a CNC router. Once each board has been sanded and treated, they can be tectonically applied to a lightweight structural system on any flat surface. The versatile sustainability of this project perfectly illustrates the innovative design and integrity of Tesla.



Sam Kuhn


University of South Florida