Single Family Home

15-second-1This single-family home is a three bedroom, two and a half bath with an office space and exterior carport with a square footage of ~2400. It is constructed in a typical wood framing with industrial grade Eastern White Pine.

The exterior is comprised of Eastern White Pine wood paneling an  stucco with a metal exterior roof. Premium grade wood is used for flooring in all interior spaces. The scuff and tear that emerges after a couple of years is meant to enhance the use of the wood and give the home character. The living room has a coffered ceiling with painted w15-second-2ood molding and a wood paneling detail. All of the cabinetry in the kitchen, as well as the table and chairs, implement the use of Eastern White Pine.

The kitchen ceiling combines standard grade rafters with a wooden ceiling painted with a “Cloud 9” finish. The added carport is a timber frame construction with solar panels as a form of conserving energy. The roofs of the home show hierarchy where a higher ceiling denotes a greater importance. The kitchen, living, and master bedroom all have higher ceilings, emphasizing their significance. I have used Frank Lloyd Wright’s technique of compression and expansion by using lower ceilings in transitional spaces to highlight the size of the room. All roof structures have an overhang to provide shade at the times of day that are ideal for the function of the room.

The estimated cost of the Eastern White Pine used in the home is around 15,000-17,000. The percentage of Eastern White Pine in the project is at least 65%. This design has all aspects of a contemporary home while remaining appealing to a traditional buyer.


Rebeca Diaz


Texas A&M