Four wooden box (New library)

16-second-after1I believe that the iconic building, which I choose, is so much meaningful on our community society. This is because it is faced of not only very historical courtyard, but also local community. Thus, If we re-design the iconic building by adding with Eastern White pine boxes on the each four directions, it would be great act as a New library.

I propose to move the Sinclair Library to the School of Architecture building that is located in between historical courtyard to the east and green natural landscape to the north. This project, termed “NEW” represents from the re-interpretation of the School of Architecture building’s structure by adapting surrounding history and natural environments with Eastern White Pine Box.

First, I propose to connect the ground level for students and faculties to be easily accessible at the south side. I applied Eastern white pine wood box as “finish NELMA grade”. This is because I think that its finish quality is the most important as a main entrance.

Second, I link the ground level for west elevation, which has a function as a community center entrance, to the low-income area to welcome local people by applying Eastern white wood box, which is the premium NELMA grade.16-seconf-after2

Third, I propose to extend the library to the green natural landscape to the north: This aims to merge the dry building with the cozy nature, and to make an easy access of low-income people to the learning center. By fusing building space and nature, library users can experience nature while walking, seating, studying, relaxing, and accessing information on the Eastern white pine box with industrial grade. This is because the area is big and the goal is for a roof garden.

Finally, I re-design to connect the ground level of the courtyard to the historical courtyard, which has existed since 1920, for students to be easily accessible by using eastern white box with standard grade.


Joohyun Park


University of Hawaii at Manoa