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Photo Gallery: The Rustic Beauty of Knotty Pine Paneling

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe 2

Rich, warm and visually engaging, knotty pine paneling can transform any interior with its characteristic markings. Every single board bears the personality of the tree it came from, and the end result is a tapestry of texture and irregular patterns for an entirely unique look. Check out this gallery for some examples of how it’s used.

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe 3

knotty pine woodworkers shoppe 4

knotty pine log home shoppe

Woodworkers Shoppe shows off log home applications of knotty pine paneling in a variety of beautiful interiors.

“All our knotty pine paneling is tongue and groove and end-matched for zero-waste. What is end-matched, you say? Many years ago we developed a unique tongue-n-groove design on the ends of the paneling boards known as “End-Matching”. After years of educating the public on it’s advantages, it soon became extremely popular with contractors and handymen. The end-matching demand became so highly recognized and sought after, that an industry standard was born!”

knotty pine buffalo lumber

Check out this unusual ‘grandaddy blue’ knotty pine paneling from Buffalo Lumber. “GRANDDADDY BLUE STAIN PINE’s distinctive blue-gray swirling colors are the result of a stain fungus that travels into the tree when pine beetles bore into the bark. Since the 1990s a large pine beetle infestation has spread rampantly forcing the cutting and processing of many trees before the mills were ready in order to limit the spread and salvage the dead trees before it was too late.”

knotty pine woodhaven 1

knotty pine woodhaven 2

knotty pine woodhaven 3

Woodhaven Log & Lumber, also based in Michigan, is a master of knotty pine. “Our products are made from some of the most remarkable timber in North America. Here, logs are steeled by the winter winds that blow off the Great Lakes, subzero temperatures, seasonal rains and long, hot summers.”

“As part of Woodhaven’s philosophy of preserving and protecting our natural resources for future generations, our suppliers adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.® From wood scraps to sawdust, we recycle all of the by-products from our milling process. We respect the wood, as well as our environment.”

knotty pine aschauer

Knotty Pine is also gorgeous when used to finish a ceiling, in contrast to drywall and other wall materials. Pictured here is the interior of Aschauer Construction’s Mountain Pine model. Aschauer is a custom builder serving Arizona’s White Mountains.


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