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Pine Plywood Takes Center Stage in Minimalist Home

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Gone are the days when plywood was considered a sub-material unfit for use as a final finish in a quality building. Modern architects and interior designers are featuring it as a focal point, highlighting its textures and natural patterns, especially when juxtaposed with stark white surfaces. This home by i29 Interior Architects in Bloemendaal, Netherlands is a prime example, using pine plywood for everything from the dramatic floating fireplace in the living room to built-in bunk beds.

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The architects carried the use of plywood throughout the entire home, fostering a sense of continuity. Free of busy details like hardware and trim, the large, unadorned sheets of plywood have a tastefully minimalist feel. The all-white space would be far less visually interesting without the unfinished pine accent walls, shelving, niches and custom furniture.

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Aside from its affordability and ease of installation, one advantage of plywood is the continuous pattern that splashes across its entire surface in a motif reminiscent of sunlight sparkling on the surface of moving water. The effect is subtle yet breaks up what could otherwise be a monotonous decor scheme.


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