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Pine Shines: Tranquil Writing Pavilion Retreat in a Brooklyn Backyard

writing retreat pine 2

When a writer sought a calm, meditative space free of the distractions of modern life, architecture firm Archtensions responded with a design that’s brilliant in its simplicity. The interior of this tiny, black-stained backyard structure is clad in nothing but pine plywood for a serene environment that encourages creative thinking.

writing retreat pine

writing retreat pine 3

Commissioned for a creative couple in Brooklyn, the small studio is set on a slightly elevated platform built up against the base of a tree. The glass door lets in lots of natural light, and a single window looks out onto the bamboo fence – a view that’s seemingly intentionally limited to avoid external stimulation.

writing retreat pine 4

The pine plywood pieces making up the interior are faceted in an organic, irregular fashion, leading up to a single square skylight focusing on the branches of the backyard tree and casting dappled sunlight into the space. The result is that of sitting inside an oversized gemstone. The combination of natural light and natural materials provides a warmth that just wouldn’t be present if the designers had painted over the wood.


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