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Playful forest home “pierced” with living trees.

With 31% of total global land area covered in woods, it’s no surprise that the world hosts a large collection of modern homes built in forests.  Here’s one: Dubbed “Circle Wood”, this playful home in Poland doesn’t just blend into the forest, but was inspired by it too. The home’s circular shape is informed by a trunk, with nearby trees “piercing” through it for a dramatic effect.  The house is clad in Okoume wood.

Okoume plywood is sometimes called Okoume Mahogany and has a pinkish-brown or pale red hue. Okoume has a uniform texture and the grain is straight to barely wavy that looks interlocked and attractive.

Okoume plywood is commonly used for building racing boats and other uses where lightweight wood is needed. It can also be used for building furniture or on kitchen cabinets because of its lustrous appearance.


Designed by Mobius Architekci.  Follow them on Instagram: @mobius_architekci



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