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Pre-Inked Stamping Pads – A Cautionary Tale

The use of pre-inked pads by NELMA’s export packaging facilities has become a very popular and easy method to apply the IPPC stamps on wood packaging materials (WPM) and finished units. However, to maintain a clear, legible stamp on the WPM and get as much life out of the pre-inked pad as possible, there are a couple of important notes to remember:

  • NEVER add ink to a Pre-Inked Stamp Pad. This type of padBad Ink Added to Pre-Inked Pad will simply not maintain its integrity if ink is added when it becomes dry and obviously a legible stamp facsimile on the wood packaging will become impossible to affix. As shown in the photo, this is the result of ink added to a pre-inked pad…not a good situation.
  • Don’t forget that the pad itself can be flipped over when one side is dry. When both sides of the pre-inked pad become dry, it’s time to order a replacement!

Additional information regarding the care and use of stamps, stencils, ink pads, replacement, and disposal may be found by clicking here.  And as always, contact NELMA toll-free (800-819-6040) with questions or consult with your NELMA Inspector during his visit!


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