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Prefab Wooden Dome House: A Cool Cabin Alternative

prefab wooden dome house 1

Jutting out of the hillside like a UFO, this gorgeous dome home is a prefabricated creation by French-based company DomeSpace. Made almost entirely from organic materials, including lots and lots of wood, the sustainable residence was shipped to a woodland site in upstate New York and took about three months to assemble, ultimately becoming a fun alternative to a vacation cabin for its owners.

prefab wooden dome house 4 prefab wooden dome house 5 prefab wooden dome house 6

But the coolest part is the home actually spins on an axis at the push of a button to switch up the scenery. Want to take advantage of warming rays of afternoon sunlight? Position the home so the windows are facing the right direction. Or, you could just keep it in motion and feel like your entire residence is part of a carnival ride.

prefab wooden dome house 3 prefab wooden dome house 7

The open-plan design and forty-foot-tall ceiling makes the home feel extra spacious, and wood used throughout – from the floors to the ceilings – enhance the feeling of warmth and comfort. The design of the frame makes it both tornado and earthquake resistant, according to the company: “Every Domespace is erected over an elastomeric belt that works as a ‘silencer block’ – like a piece of rubber that cushions vibrations. Arches are solidly anchored to a steel ring gear itself fixed to a pedestal made of reinforced concrete.”

dome home 6


100% of the wood used in each dome home is FSC-certified, and all those windows make it easy to illuminate with sunlight during the day. Since the bottom of the home is raised off the surface of the earth, it’s ideal for steep inclines, including cliffs.


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