Kivett Hall

Our class was tasked with designing a new architecture and design building for our campus. We were given two options to design. Either renovate and create an addition onto Marvin Hall, the current architecture building, or we could design a brand-new architecture and design building: Kivett Hall. I chose the second option to allow for more design freedom and due to the requirements for the program. The building requires space for studios, offices, computer labs, classrooms, workshops, and a large design build facility.

The concept for this building as an architecture school is to be a lesson in sustainability. To display to the students, faculty, and the general public what architecture is capable of. The ultimate goal would be to design a net zero building. Through solar collection, passive heating and cooling systems, and water collection, this building will provide everything it needs to function independently. Eastern White Pine mass timber is also the perfect structural system for this building. It is something that many people even in the industry don’t have much information on. Not only will this building be able to display other sustainable strategies, it will also be able to demonstrate the structural ability and sustainability of Eastern White Pine mass timber.

My building design would utilize Eastern white pine throughout the building in both structural and aesthetic applications. On top of the concrete foundation, Eastern White Pine Glulam columns and beams would provide the main structure with the help of Eastern White Pine CLT walls, floors and roofs. The Glulam beams and columns would be on full display in the design build space in the trusses that would support the roof. As well as in the Southern entrance, giving the feeling of walking through a forest. Black steel gusset plate connectors would be used to connect the columns and beams to provide a stable connection and provide the perfect contrast to the White Pine. 5-layer CLT panels would be used for the floors, walls and roofs. For the roof especially, CLT is the perfect material because of its structural stability over large spans.

This building is the perfect opportunity to teach the world about architecture and sustainability through the use of traditional strategies and the use of mass timber.


University of Kansas Campus