Kivett Hall

Kivett Hall is designed to be the new school of architecture and design for the university. Kivett Hall is built using glulam trusses, column, and beams which have been charred to create better fireproofing and to be aesthetically pleasing. The floors are 5 layer, white pine CLT which juxtapose the dark columns and beams. The structural system has been exposed to create a warm and natural feeling inside the building from the different kinds of wood used. The structure and all of its connections also create a learning experience for the students in the school of architecture. The façade of the building is charred cedar siding which, after a few years, will patina to a nice dark brown with hints of silver as the sun shines on it. Large curtain walls and many floor to ceiling windows allow the nature outside to be brought in along with large amounts of natural light which is beneficial to the students and faculty during their long workdays. The curtain walls and windows not only provide a chance for the students inside the building to see what others are doing but also offer the people walking outside to see what sorts of interesting things happen inside a school of architecture and design. Large glass garage doors located in the deisgn+build lab allow passersby to see what is being built inside. The curtain wall located at the front entrance shows off students work in the lobby/gallery space. As people walk up the street from the South they will see the terraces that are located between the studios. The terraces allow for the students to get outside during the day and also provide a space for plants to grow, after a few years the terraces would be covered with all sorts of plant life and may remind one of the hanging gardens of Babylon.


Lawrence, Kansas