The concept of “Life” is mental focus on creating the most optimal lunar colony by promoting physical as well as mental health. To do this, the project’s concept was broken down into three main points which are: 1. the best form for a lunar colony 2. how does an organic structure and programming promote mental health and 3. what other sustainable features allow for a physically and mentally healthy environment for lunar colonist.

To begin, we can start off with the structure. The typical lunar “Pod” will be encased in two shells (inner and outer). The inner shell is composed of 4 x 8 lumber with a grade of 01 and is constructed with a cylinder form. 1ft x 1ft titanium panels are then placed on top of the wood as a second layer of protection from radiation.

The idea of a cylinder form comes from the need to have even air pressure within the space. A cylinder form has no corners thus air can flow freely without any concern for weak spots. The outer shell is a thick a dense layer of white pine wood smooth and sanded and held together with a lumber skeleton which mimics the shells form. The use of this shell is to protect lunar colonist from space debris as well as radiation.

The façade does not contain many windows (only 15% of each structure has exterior glass) and this is because stars are only faintly seen and the earth is only seen brilliantly during particular times in its cycle ( think of this like the lunar cycle we see a brilliant full moon every once in a while etc etc) so, I thought it would be best to only have a few exterior few just to prevent depression and over all metal instability. The organic form itself is this symbol of hope and new beginnings because it contrasts so much with the environment around it. The light wood allows for lunar colonist exploring the moon to quickly find the base should anything happen as well. The programming of this space allows for constant movement not only with a given lunar pod but connects the colony view underground tunnels. This once again promotes healthy mental health because you have that ability to visit others without any constraint.

The interior of the space contain earth simulated LED lights which help colonist keep track of earth time and helps create a sense of constant change. Each lunar pod is gifted with planting areas that grow food for the colony, provide oxygen for the colony, and create scenic interior views to once again contrast the bleakness of space.


The Moon