Lunar Colony

The Lunar Colony will house 56 people, who will keep the colony functioning. The building is divided into three sectors: the work stations located on the first floor and the structural elements and duct systems on the second floor, the living quarters on the third and fourth floors, and the recreational space on the fifth floor . (1)

Sustainability is essential to live on the Moon, therefore there are many workstations within the colony to support it. There is a water recycling center that can recycle 90% of the water used daily, to minimize the transportation of water from earth. There are also farms that provide food and oxygen for the residents. This includes a poplar tree farm that produces ¼ of the oxygen needed for the inhabitants. The poplar trees, which have a lifespan of 15 years, can later be used as lumber. (2)

The dome functions as an energy source. Its exterior is covered with PV (photo-voltaic) panels that collect solar energy which can directly power the settlement.

The dome has a series of triangles and rhombuses that, while joining to create a spherical shape,also create a biophilic pattern. This pattern is denser at the bottom and lighter at the top to strengthen the base. The base is then anchored to the moon by concrete pilings. The structure of the dome is made from 2×8 Pine Lumber with a grade Common 01 KDHT. The wooden structure is protected from moon dust and radiation by a titanium shell. (3)

The exterior of the glass contains semi-transparent PV panels that allow light to get through.
On the interior, a PDLC electronic film (polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal) which covers that glass, enables light entering the colony to mimic the Earth’s 12 hours of daytime. This happens on-command, regardless of the Moon’s natural cycle of two weeks of sunlight and two weeks of darkness. LED lights are located at the intersections of the wooden dome to illuminate the vault during the dark weeks. (2)

(3)Adding charm to the living quarters, wooden floors and pine slat ceilings embellish the space. For the well-being of the inhabitants, there is a running track and a gym. The track has two paths on different levels that slope in opposite directions and connect at the end on a loop. The track, supported by spruce pine 2×4 columns, is separated from the building to enjoy the feeling of running in space. (3)

From the recreational park, on the fifth floor, among trees and surrounded by stars, the Earth can be seen, but the fact that you are not there can be even forgotten!