Wood is a naturally beautiful and adds character and warmth. It also offers unique sustainable credentials – wood is a natural, renewable product. wood stands out as a unique and amazingly versatile product. Its aesthetic appeal, tensile strength, insulation qualities, and ease of fabrication enable it to remain a favorite choice for use in an extensive array of construction applications.
The versatility of Eastern White Pine made it possible to express the material in iconic ways, shapes & forms. Aesthetically, the Eastern White Pine is best showcased as a unique circular design feature hovering over space, Conceptually, its form is inspired by a Spacecraft that just landed on the moon with its beautiful lights and unique curves. With an iconic, innovative suspended form, the building is immediately eye catching, expressive and proud of its wood structure, although the exposed wood will require more protective care, this suspended area helps to activate a grand narrow pathway entrance, green house, water pool and outdoor park. The future lunar workspace will not only be home to astronauts, but also to dozens of humans, robots and automated vehicles (technological advancement expected). Remembering its 2035, Its believed that wood as come a long way structurally as a material and not just that which is hidden away but something that can be proudly displayed, adored and celebrated! The whole building rests on an weightless inverted U-shaped Spruce-pine-fir Carved Laminated timber column (2 pair of 8 legs). This spruce-pine-fir column carries the structure, connected to the diamond shaped beams that are formed from a laminated block of “NELMA Finish Grade E.W. Pine timber. The lunar workspace would be based near the moon’s south pole, where the moon receives almost constant sunlight.

Then Eastern White Pine is also used on the furniture finish to achieve harmony. Wooden floors and pine slat ceilings cover the space. For user experience in the workspace there is a fluid interplay between lounge and work desk. The floor and roof system is assembled from 2X10” ribs (Premium Grade) Eastern White Pine and covered by a framing structural decking system also from Eastern White Pine (Structural grade). The windows placed at intervals to allow for direct light to enter and reflect on the interior of the floors. Eastern white pine “finish NELMA grade” was maximized on the facade because I think that its finish quality is the most important. Softwood pine is not traditionally a used for flooring, but achieved by multi-layering with polyurethane, one of the hardest finishing materials available.

With the use of Eastern White Pine, I decided to emphasized its unique grain and rich, warm, golden color, which are the outstanding elements of Eastern White Pine. In recognition of wood’s biophilic properties, I made an effort to construct a lunar workspace with wood materials and finishes because the use of wood have a positive impact on users. I propose to create a lunar workplace of the future which allows for continuous collaboration and connects the ground level to the top with the clear views.

Sustainability is important to live on the Moon, Trees with long lifespan can be used as lumber. Also greenhouse with water bodies where included. This water pool indirectly serves as an energy source for the building. The water pond can recycled and used daily, to minimize the transportation of water from earth. The green landscape and central greenhouse area provides food and oxygen for the users.

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