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Raising Backyard Chickens: Eastern White Pine Coops & Nesting Boxes

Eastern White Pine Chicken Coops Clark

Eggs never taste better than when they’re plucked from right beneath a hen in your own backyard, moments before cooking. Raising chickens is fun and rewarding, and requires less money and maintenance than many other pets. If you’re on the path to producing some of your own food or simply enjoying the friendly personalities of these feathered friends, you’ll need a chicken coop and some nesting boxes.

Eastern White Pine Chicken Coops Kings

Clark Farm offers chicken coops that are just as cute as cabins and cottages made for humans, complete with gambrel-style roofs, dutch doors, brass hardware, opening windows with screens and a number of other features that vary with each model (pictured top). The colors can be customized, so you can create a hen house that matches your own. They’re hand-crafted in Connecticut using high quality Eastern White Pine.

Eastern White Pine Chicken Coops Jamaica

Also made with Eastern White Pine are the coops offered by King’s Berry Farm, which have a simpler and more open design including roosts, nesting boxes, a sliding hen house door and a large clean-out door. Jamaica Cottage Shop, which builds full-sized cabins and cottages by hand in Vermont, also offers a range of coops and nesting boxes that will stand the test of time.


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