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Simple Beauty: Minimalist Wing Shelving System Creates Endless Compositions


Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best ones. Case in point: the Wing Shelving System by Estúdio Parrado, a modular series that makes use of perforated pine planks and clever metal brackets for easy customization. The CNC-cut holes in the shelves let you attach the brackets in all sorts of configurations so they can be mounted to the wall and connected to each other in any arrangement you like. No drilling, no cutting, no fussing around with overly complicated parts.

wingshelving pine

The use of perforated pine in this product is brilliant, and we love that they left it raw so its natural beauty can shine.

The Wing Shelf was designed to be gently integrated to the interiors. Taking advantage of modularity, its pieces form subtle and dynamic connections, generating an infinity of geometric compositions. Its perforated base allows the variation of the brackets position, which makes each choice a unique creation.”

The shelf’s design aims to provide to the users a customization experience by giving them the possibility of creating their own compositions. Adding this to the fact that the piece was built in a very simple and transparent constructive system where the user can assemble the structure himself and chose the brackets positions, we may establish once more a connection between user and product, in a way he becomes an essential part of the process.”

wingshelvingdetail wingshelving assembly

The winner of an A’ Design Award, the Wing Shelving System can be purchased on the Estúdio Parrado website. It’s also easy to imagine coming up with a similar DIY design that nixes the metal in favor of using all wood, though the shape of the brackets is especially pleasing here, and adds a lot to the final look.


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