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Stunning Modern Lifeguard Tower Home Features Eastern White Pine Floors

Lifeguard Tower Home EWP Floors 1

The warm, rich antique look of Eastern White Pine floors has long been a major draw for homeowners, with a patina that grows more nuanced with time. And while this material is found most often in more traditional residential architecture, it makes an appearance in modern homes, too. The ‘Lifeguard Tower’ home by Lazar Design Build features wide-plank Eastern White Pine floors that contrast beautifully with white walls, large expanses of glass windows and highly textured reclaimed barn wood.

Lifeguard Tower Homes EWP Floors 2

While the design of this home is undeniably contemporary, it has its roots in tradition: overlooking the ocean in Hermosa Beach, California, the home is inspired by lifeguard towers and ships in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Three stacked trapezoidal structures narrow to create a ‘lookout tower’ topped with 1,600 square feet of open-air roof terrace. The walls of windows on the very top floor offer an effect reminiscent of lighthouses when illuminated at night.

Lifeguard Tower Homes EWP Floors 3

The outside of the 3,400-square-foot home is covered in cladding reclaimed from a 100-year-old barn. This factor, combined with dual-glazed windows, daylighting, impeccable insulation and the innate sustainability of Eastern White Pine, makes the Lifeguard Tower a green home with character and style to spare.

Eastern White Pine has a long tradition of flooring use in America, known for being one of the most widely-used building materials among early colonists. It comes from sustainably managed forests, where it’s allowed to grow strong and tall among hardwoods in a natural ecosystem before it’s harvested. Eastern White Pine flooring comes in a variety of grades, from the smoothest and palest wood to rustic knotty looks befitting cabins and country houses.


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