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The 2016 Sustainable Versatility Student Architect Design Awards Announced

2016 marks the 5th annual presentation of the Rich Quitadamo Sustainable Versatility Award, given to the winning designs reimagine logosubmitted in NELMA’s student architect competition.  This year’s unique challenge to students:

“Choose an iconic building in your community and re-imagine how that structure would showcase Eastern White Pine. A museum? A dining hall? A federal building? A football stadium? Get creative and show us how Eastern White Pine could be used to make your great space even greater (and greener).”

The announcement and Competition Poster for this year’s award was sent to 81 accredited architecture and design schools in the U.S. and Eastern Canada.  “We strive for as much widespread participation as possible for the Competition”, stated Jeff Easterling, NELMA President. “This millennial generation is extremely mobile-minded and may very well work or have projects during their career within the Eastern White Pine market area no matter where they went to school or end up professionally.”

First Place Award:

Jaechang Ko of Texas A & M

Design:  re>Imaging Kimbell Art Museum

Excerpt from Submission:

“The Kimbell Art Museum designed by architect Louis Kahn is one of the most celebrated master-pieces of modern architecture, despite nearly 50 years since its construction; it still holds its pro-found presence and monumental statement.  By re-imaging Kimbell Art Museum in Eastern White Pine, we emphasized its unique grain and rich, warm, golden color, which are signature elements of Eastern White Pine. The Kimbell as a modern marvel masterpiece is now a showcase of the sustainability features of wood construction.”

After re>Imagining
After re>Imagining


Second Place Award:

Joo-Hyun Park

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Design:  re>Imaging Four Wooden Box, Entrances to the Sinclair Library to the School of Architecture

Excerpt from Submission:

“In my project, Eastern white pine (entrance) boxes are a sensory mediator where people’s dynamic circulation flows like a stream and soak into various natural elements: The stream flew along the 75’x60’ rectangular shaped courtyard that enlivened my tactile senses. By using different finish grades on the each four directions, we can easily understand the natural materiality and the sustainability. Moreover, Eastern white pine box would be easily demountable for the future uses. Therefore, we can recycle the Eastern white pine box in the future. This is the sustainable features.”

Building Side After
After re>Imagining

NELMA would like to congratulate both award winners for their outstanding, thoughtful, and intriguing project submissions.  Clearly, both students gained a broad knowledge of using wood in design and the properties and grades of Eastern White Pine!

More about Rich Quitadamo:

Rich was a leading voice at NELMA to develop this outreach activity and a veteran member of the Marketing Committee that was instrumental in establishing this annual student architect competition to design a project out of Eastern White Pine. Rich made the original motion at the Committee’s October 22, 2010 meeting that led to its beginning. His input helped shape the Association’s marketing plan for more than 12 years, before his untimely passing in 2013.

To honor his unselfish work and participation in NELMA to the benefit of all its members, we are pleased to name this annual student competition award, The Rich Quitadamo Sustainable Versatility Award, presented to each year’s First Place winner.


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