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The Definition of Cool: Angled Pine Facade Adds Modern Style & Shade

pine facade 1

Here’s an example of an architectural project using pine lumber in an extraordinarily simple yet beautiful way. The ‘Green Pine Garden’ by Scenic Architecture started out as an old factory building with a less-than-attractive exterior, located close to a highway. Not only did it need a serious facelift, but the clients wanted more privacy, shade and a sense of separation from the noise and activity of the road.

pine facade 2

The solution didn’t require expensive materials or prolonged labor. It’s natural, recyclable, efficient and high-impact. And, it’s part of a growing trend that renovates existing structures by adding a secondary envelope that can easily be removed or updated down the line.

pine facade 3 pine facade 5

The architects created a buffer space between the new facade and the original structure, topped with glass, to bring in natural daylight while preserving privacy and keeping it cooler inside. This reduces the need for air conditioning and creates the opportunity for strategic views looking out onto a park newly planted with hundreds of juvenile trees.

pine facade 4

The facade itself is made from simple local pine battens arranged in angled planes inspired by tectonics, giving the building a more dynamic and visually interesting visual effect.


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