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The secret to “Modern Farmhouse” revealed.

It’s wood.  Of course it’s wood. 

To capture that popular modern farmhouse look that everyone is raving about, one simple trick is to pay homage to the original details by accenting with wood.  This article in Home & Garden does an excellent job of detailing several ways to do this.

Some examples include:

In the kitchen, the beam across the centre of the room is a new, but blends the old and new spaces.

Wide plank paneling ensures the living room look is still more modern farmhouse than rustic.

In the entryway, wide plank paneling above represents the perfect compromise between the old and the new for this restored farmhouse.

In the bedroom, new wood paneling is used to give a fresh look and blend the farmhouse’s old and new sections.

Full Article.
Original feature: Jane Crittenden
Styling: Marisha Taylor
Photographs: James French




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