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The Seeds: Organic Rounded Vacation Cabins Clad in Pine Shingles

Simultaneously futuristic and organic, “The Seeds” are a group of vacation pods set within a forest as part of the Tree Wow hotel in Jiangxi, China. Each one has an oblong rounded silhouette and a circular glass door opening onto a circular balcony. Architecture firm ZJJZ Atelier says they weren’t trying to mimic any particular natural form with these unusual cabins, but simply design a structure that works both for the setting and their intended use.

The architects wrapped the cabins in a combination of pine shingles and mirrored aluminum tiles, giving the exteriors an interesting dynamic appearance that will change with the seasons, softening their appearance.

“Like the roots of a plant, this reflective cladding anchors each house to the earth,” the architects said, “while the pine shingles give the structures a warm, soft aesthetic, allowing them to blend into the surrounding nature.”

Set in a row of four, The Seeds are raised above the ground on stilts and accessed via staircase. Inside, guests will find walls lined with wood in an appealing swirling pattern, a built-in multipurpose surface, a bed, a bathtub and a lounge chair overlooking the terrace. A lofted lounge positioned beside an oculus window gazes at the forest. 


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