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These Awesome Adirondack Chairs Dispense Beer and Wine

beer chair wine chair

One Michigan woodworker is producing some of the coolest, most unique Adirondack chairs you’ve ever seen. Matt Thompson pairs traditional craftsmanship and furniture silhouettes with Rube Goldberg-type engineering to give users a whole lot more functionality than just a place to sit.

Matt has been a woodworker for 25 years, and says he got started when he and his wife were young parents. If there was something he wanted that he couldn’t afford, he just learned how to make it. His skills got put to use in a pretty cool way with the Michigan Beer Chair, which will deliver a can of beer right into your hand on demand.

wine chair detail

The wine dispensing chair works a little differently. Pulling a lever lifts the end of an open bottle into the air so it pours its contents into a tube, right into your waiting glass.

back scratching gif

Also check out Matt’s Back Scratcher Chair, which will scratch your back with wooden hands, massage your scalp and provide a massaging footrest, too.

automatic dog petting machine

Noting that if humans can have massage chairs, pets should too, Matt also created the Automatic Dog Petting Machine. He got the idea because his five-year-old Shepherd, Bonnie, is the kind of insistent pup who will head butt you to request some love. Taking inspiration once again from Rube Goldberg, he cut out a bunch of wooden cogs with a band saw, assembled them on a frame and used an old corded drill as a motor. Little Clyde likes the machine, too, but needs some assistance reaching the wooden hands.

Check out more of Matt Thompson’s work on his Facebook page.

via Woodworking Network


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