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This Week in Wood: Intricately Detailed Miniature Wooden Watches

Miniature Wooden Pocket Watches 1

Tiny gears and finely pointed clock hands move in circles inside intricately wrought pocket watches by Valery Danevich. But as beautiful as the craftsmanship may be, it’s not even the most impressive aspect of these handmade creations: they’re made almost entirely from wood. Danevich produces fully-functioning wooden pocket watches, with the springs the only non-wood components.

Miniature Wooden Pocket Watches main

Born in Ukraine, Danevich comes from a long line of carpenters, and watched his father and grandfather work when he was a child. While cabinetmaking, furniture, spiral staircases and antique restoration forms the basis of his own business, he wanted to push the limits. What else could be made from wood?

Miniature Wooden Pocket Watches 2

The carpenter began experimenting with wooden movements for clocks in 2005, and refined his process from there until he was producing these miniature masterpieces. They measure a mere 30 millimeters in diameter and 13 millimeters thick, and are carved from birch burl, birch, apple and bamboo.

Miniature Wooden Pocket Watches 4

See more photos at Woodwork Essence (via Reddit.)


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