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Todd Fratzel, Wood Geek



Todd Fratzel is principal engineer of United Construction Corp. and editor of
Todd Fratzel is principal engineer of United Construction Corp. and editor of

How long have you been working with wood? 

I remember spending time in my dad’s workshop at a very early age. The first wood project I remember making was a wall plaque with a wood burn design on it when I was about 10 years old. I guess that means I’ve been working with wood over 30 years!

What is it about wood that you love and appreciate?

I love that wood is like people, no two pieces are the same and each species offers its own unique qualities.

Favorite wood project?

Last year I built a custom built-in entertainment center that I’m very proud of. It measures over 10′ wide and 8′ tall complete with dovetail joint drawers and beadboard panel doors.

Best wood project story?

I would have to say a beautiful timber frame home that my crew built a couple years ago. It was a very unique design that included a douglas-fir frame along with Eastern White Pine tongue & groove ceilings and walls. Using a local supplier for the pine felt like such an important step in helping promote the use of local products. Combine that with the fact the house turned out to be truly stunning in appearance inside and out.

Where do you think wood fits into today’s home improvement/building industries? 

I think wood is playing a very important role today especially for owners that want the beauty of real wood along with more environmentally friendly building products. The tide seems to be shifting back to natural products over “plastic” options that have inundated the industry.


Todd Fratzel is principal engineer with United Construction Corp. and editor of




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