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Top 10 Custom Wood Camper Van Interiors

Did you know vans these days can literally contain everything AND the kitchen sink? Whether carried out as DIY projects or professionally, camper van conversions take workhorse vehicles and transform them into compact mobile homes, and many #VanLifers choose to line their interiors almost entirely with wood. These cool projects demonstrate just how much functionality (and dreamy, comfortable domesticity) you can achieve when you insert wood paneling, countertops, cabinets and other built-in elements. Sure beats all the plastic in a typical RV, doesn’t it?

How many different kinds of wood can you fit in a single van interior? Ask dog duo Hagen and Harper and their human parents of “Two Dogs and a Van,” who completed this awesome DIY project.

Emma Gabrielle’s van features a gorgeous resin-inlaid wood countertop, wood cabinetry and a colorful ceiling.

This surfer-oriented van by Wavemates has wood paneling that curves up onto the ceiling for a cozy feel.

Hayley’s gorgeous boho van is bursting with personality, from the trailing plants to the moon and sun plywood cutouts creating a little separation between the bed and kitchen.

Arizona-based company Tommy Campervans completes conversions so awesome, you can hardly tell they’re van interiors rather than (admittedly tiny) houses. The shower in this one is an impressive addition, but it’s the wood that really shines.

Anni named her sweet little Mercedes van “Elsa.” This conversion boasts a lovely combination of natural wood and painted white surfaces for a clean, organized but warm look.

Have you ever seen a van quite like this one? Taking inspiration from traditional Roma vardos, Tymer and Ashley’s Sprinter van has curved wooden frames over the bed offering additional storage and one-of-a-kind style.

Contrasting dark and light wood tones somehow make this van extra homey, especially with those handcrafted doors.

Krys and Taylor transformed a Sprinter van into a cozy roaming home with tons of character, and these pictures really capture just how much ambiance wood can add into the mix.

The mood inside this custom van by builder Advanture Co. is one of the darkest and most dramatic we’ve ever seen. It’s appropriately named “The Woodsman.”


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